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NTA Network News
NTA Network News
Paese:  Nigeria
Categoria: Notizie
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The Nigerian Television Authority - also known as NTA is a Nigerian government-owned and partly commercial broadcaster that was inaugurated in 1977, at inauguration it had monopoly on television broadcasting in the country. The NTA runs the biggest television network in Nigeria with stations in several parts of Nigeria. Formerly known as Nigerian Television (NTV), the network began with a takeover of regional television stations in 1976 by the then Nigerian military authorities, and is widely viewed as the authentic voice of the Nigerian government. NTA's monopoly was broken in the 1990s.
MFM  Nigérie - Náboženství
MFM Ministries is a full gospel ministry devoted to the Revival of Apostolic Signs, Holy Ghost fireworks and the unlimited demonstration of the power

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TVC Entertainment  Nigérie - Zábava
TVC Entertainment is a News & Entertainment TV channel. TVC is based in Lagos, the Capital of Nigeria.

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The Lord's Chosen  Nigérie - Náboženství
The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, founded by Pastor Lazarus Muoka, is a Christian Ministry.

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Channels TV  Nigérie - Místní televize
Channels Television has been broadcasting in Nigeria, since the Federal Government deregulated the broadcast media in 1992 and the company was

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TVC News  Nigérie - Zprávy
TVC News (the first pan-African 24-hour News station), TVC Nigeria (a 24-hour Nigeria-centric news, current affairs and documentary channel) and TVC

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Salvation TV  Nigérie - Zprávy
Creating a community of believers who are resolutely committed to humbly serve the Lord and to proffer pragmatic solutions.Changing lives.

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